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Thought Leader - As a senior executive having served in the Federal government and as a commissioned officer in the military, I am skilled at casting a vision that propels organizations onward and upward toward mission accomplishment.

I leverage my military and senior executive experience to provide insights toward solving thorny, complex challenges. I have trained my mind to think past what is immediately before me to continually explore the "art of the possible".

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1. Engaging the Federal Government with Passion:

I have the perspective on how to engage the Federal government and am passionate about sharing that view with private sector clients where it is helpful for the greater good of our nation's economic security.

2. Comprehensive Cross-Border Trade Insight:

I have a global view of how the various elements in the cross-border trade space fit together and have the potential to impact one's core business.

3. Leveraging Experience for Business Growth:

I leverage my experience to aid in engaging with government entities to ensure maximizing tools available to your business.

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  • Licensed Customs Broker
  • Master of Legal Studies in International Business Law
  • Master of Public Administration

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